Karl Lagerfeld versus Nordic Council of Ministers (Nordisk Ministerråd)

Karl Lagerfeld versus Nordic Council of Ministers (Nordisk Ministerråd).

My view of Karl Lagerfeld, Designer for Chanel, was positively enhanced when I saw the documentary film ‘Lagerfeld Confidential’ last year. He came strongly across as an anti sex puritan and this film is produced in our era where the political correct Left increasingly takes over the classical prejudices especially in sexual matters that has been historically associated with the religious Right. I named this blog text ‘Karl Lagerfeld versus Nordic Council of Ministers (Nordisk Ministerråd)’ because the Nordic Council of Ministers officially appears to have adopted the radical feminist ideology: Heterosexuality is recognized as an oppressive social construction. Male sexual desire is defined as problematic and demeaning to women. If it appears outside an equal (whatever that is?) monogamous relationship and especially if it is exchanged through money it must be neutralised through excessive state force and prohibitions. Nordic Council of Ministers is very explicit in the view on prostitution: Prostitution must be made illegal, male customers should be punished and female suppliers – they are all defined as victims regardless of what they think themselves – should be liberated and nursed through various public funds.

I quote Karl Lagerfeld from the film:

”I’ve been asked to write a preface for a book of photos of a bordello. I think it is funny. I’m rather pro-prostitution. It avoids frustration and I admire people who do it. It can’t be much fun. Thank goodness for it. We can’t all afford a mistress or an expensive friend. People need relief or they become murderers. Is that a moral position? That’s how I see it anyway. It’s like what we were saying about porn films. People are outraged, but… It’s easy to act out emotions. I imagine it’s much harder to give a blow job. Being filmed giving a blow job must be harder. Sorry. Emotions can be faked, but at some point… It has a role in society, otherwise it wouldn’t be the world’s oldest profession.”

(Lagerfeld Confidential, 2007, 1:13.22)

I dare say, what a courageous public figure Karl is. For now I support Chanel!



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